Lit rec #185: I want to peel off a hundred-dollar bill and slap it down on the counter. You can pick out a dress. I’ll pick out a tie: polka-dots spinning like disco balls. Darling, let’s go two-stepping in the sawdust at the Broken Spoke. Let’s live downtown and go clubbing. God save hip-hop and famous mixed drinks. Let’s live in a cardboard box. Let’s live in a loft above Chelsea, barely human, talking about the newest collection of Elizabeth Peyton, her brilliant strokes, the wine and cheese. You can go from one state to another and never paint the same thing twice. In New Mexico we could live by a creek and hang our laundry on the line. Let’s get naked in the cold waters of Michigan. Let’s get hitched in Nevada. Just you, me, and Elvis. (2008)

we need the opportunity to dance with really exquisite strangers”. Slow Dance is my favorite from ALL-AMERICAN POEM by Matthew Dickman.



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