Lit rec #260: What Really Happens to Americans in Paris (1952).

Perfect retort to love stories, particularly set in Paris. Most men were like that husband to be. “THE OTHER PARIS” by Mavis Gallant.



Lit rec #259: “All politicians are bores and liars and fakes. I talk to people” (1936).

Hemingway’s better half & a better war reporter. Up there with Homage for Catalonia. Experience this.THE FACE OF WAR by Martha Gellhorn


Lit rec #258: “It was not generally realized that what children mostly wanted was to be left alone” (2001).

Some of the best war writing ever, and ultimately, a lovely story. I didn’t mind the ending, seriously. ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan



Lit rec #257: “So always there is a small remnant/ Whose lives are congruent with their souls/ And who ever afterward know no mystery in it,/ The cimmerian moment in which all lives, all destinies/ And incompleted destinies were swamped/ As though by a giant wave that picks itself up/ Out of a calm sea and retreats again into nowhere/ Once its damage is done” (1985).

A great long poem. “So all the slightly more than young/ Get moved up whether they like it or not”. “A WAVE” by John Ashbery RIP




Lit rec #256: The Amazing True Stories of Stan Lee, Jack Ruby, Chris Claremont, the list goes on (2012).

Timely rec! Just in time for NYC Comic Con. Kirby, Stan Lee,Claremont.What remarkable stories.MARVEL COMICS THE UNTOLD STORY by Sean Howe

comic book artist Sean Howe at Brooklyn Book Festival.



Lit rec #255: The facts: in many ways, to be Danish is to be wonderfully progressive. Denmark’s a place where lawyers’ salaries are less than twice those of binmen; a place where university is free. (2012)

I adored the chapters on continuing education for seniors and chairs! Plus, michelin-starred Noma. HOW TO BE DANISH by Patrick Kingsley.




Lit rec #254: “Wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good.” (1985)