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Lit rec #262: The Incredible Portrait of Valentino Deng and Sudan (2006).

Required reading.Better than his nonfiction. A horror story,history lesson, & personal epiphany in one. WHAT IS THE WHAT by Dave Eggers.



Lit rec #258: “It was not generally realized that what children mostly wanted was to be left alone” (2001).

Some of the best war writing ever, and ultimately, a lovely story. I didn’t mind the ending, seriously. ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan


Lit rec #241: “Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt.” (2007)

Suspenseful&actionpacked; u won’t put it down.W/relatable chars&epic villains, meet the shadowhunters in CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare



#239: “We pretend to catch and eat more pretend bugs than could ever actually live in one cave. The number of pretend bugs we pretend to catch and eat would in reality basically fill a cave the size of our cave.” (2000)

The wild wooly stories in PASTORALIA by George Saunders.The most unforgettable deteriorating grandmother ghost. And fax machine sounds!




Lit rec #231: “A person is, among all else, a material thing, easily torn and not easily mended.” (2001)

My favorite parts are the Dunkirk war scenes. Some of his very best writing unlike more recent works. ATONEMENT by Ian McEwan.




Lit rec #229: Why is Class Such a Taboo Topic For Americans? (2002)

Even if you’re not a snob, worth reading. What people admit about class and manners. SNOBBERY: THE AMERICAN VERSION by Joseph Epstein.

j epstein


Lit rec #211: Trilogy without much of a plot but beautiful mesmerizing passages. What it means to love literature (2002).

A few overdrawn passages but the beautiful build-ups and conversational motifs are incredible. YOUR FACE TOMORROW by Javiar Marias.