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Lit rec #267: Relive This Classic! “How proud I was a half hour later as I marched ten kids into our kitchen and told them to line up to receive one of Mamma’s delicious oatmeal cookies. Mamma’s attitude puzzled me. She didn’t look pleased and proud as she had with Tom. I caught her giving me a funny look as she held the cookie jar and each kid helped himself to a cookie.” (1972).

The book that started it all. Sven, JD, and of course Tom with his money-loving heart! THE GREAT BRAIN by John D. Fitzgerald


Lit rec #264: Be humbled and get angry. “Cora didn’t know what optimistic meant. She asked the other girls that night if they were familiar with the word. None of them had heard it before. She decided that it meant trying” (2016).

Poetic page-turner. Rethink what it means to try to understand the trauma of others. UNDERGROUND RAILROAD by Colson Whitehead


Lit rec #257: “So always there is a small remnant/ Whose lives are congruent with their souls/ And who ever afterward know no mystery in it,/ The cimmerian moment in which all lives, all destinies/ And incompleted destinies were swamped/ As though by a giant wave that picks itself up/ Out of a calm sea and retreats again into nowhere/ Once its damage is done” (1985).

A great long poem. “So all the slightly more than young/ Get moved up whether they like it or not”. “A WAVE” by John Ashbery RIP