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Lit rec #187: “Every day we’re told that we live in the greatest country on earth. And it’s always stated as an undeniable fact: Leos are born between July 23 and August 22, fitted queen-size sheets measure sixty by eighty inches, and America is the greatest country on earth. Having grown up with this in our ears, it’s startling to realize that other countries have nationalistic slogans of their own, none of which are ‘We’re number two!” (2000)

Summer! Anecdotes re acclimating to France are pitch-perfect. Back, before he become serious. ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY by David Sedaris.



Lit rec #44: “I think being condemned to death is the only real distinction,” said Mathilde. “It is the only thing which cannot be bought.” (1830)

Without telegraphing his moves, Julien Sorel takes down 19th C French society & the Roman Catholic church. SCARLET AND BLACK by Stendhal

Lit rec #39: From John Keats’ Ode to the Nightingale: “Already with thee! tender is the night./ … But here there is no light,/ Save what from heaven is with the breezes blown/ Through verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways.” (1934)

Just in time for the merriment and disillusionment of New Year’s. Many Fetes! TENDER IS THE NIGHT by F. Scott Fitzgerald.