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Lit rec #113: It was Rodin, so the story goes, who urged Rilke to take himself to the Jardin des Plantes in Paris and pick one of the animals in the zoo there and study it in all its movements and moods until he knew it as thoroughly as a creature or thing could be known, and then write about it. The result was “The Panther,” one of Rilke’s early masterpieces and as revolutionary in its way as anything by Eliot or Pound. (1907)

You learn to fit inside his precisions. Prague’s finest poet. Lyrical & philosophical. “THE PANTHER” by Rainer Maria Rilke.


Lit rec #36: Haunting, brilliant. Susan Sontag’s favorite modern novelist now known to the world (2001).

Fiction memoir history photo collection. Utterly unique plus the weight of history. AUSTERLITZ by W. G. “Max” Sebald.