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Lit rec #252: “Every morning, at breakfast, I would gaze disbelievingly at my family. They were all still there, for a start – that was the first surprise. Why hadn’t some of them run off in the night, wounded beyond endurance by the emptiness I divined in their lives? Why were they all still sitting where they’d sat the morning before, and looking as if they’d be perfectly content to be back there again in another twenty-four hours?” (1980)

Hover over idealistic silly amusing young men. A beautiful portrait of daylight, schoolboy London. METROLAND by Julian Barnes





Lit rec #215: “They went in and out of each other’s minds without any effort.” (1925).

Time to reread this gem. One day in low/high London post-World War I, strolling, plotting, ruminating. MRS. DALLOWAY by Virginia Woolf.