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Lit rec #217: “In the discourse of today’s financial backers of research, the only credible goal is power. Scientists, technicians, and instruments are purchased not to find truth, but to augment power.” (1978)

Slender portable genius. The call for smaller narratives. THE POSTMODERN CONDITION: A REPORT ON KNOWLEDGE by Jean-Francois Lyotard



Lit rec #207: One of the Most Important and Entertaining Minds in Literary Theory (1940s)

Chronotypes and the ideology of language. Expert readings of Dostoyvesky and Rabelais. THE DIALOGIC IMAGINATION by Mikhail Bakhtin


Lit rec #167: “Insofar as we tend to oppose East and West in terms of fate and freedom, Islam stands for a third position that undermines this binary opposition” (2012).

The most learned man I’ve ever read. And able to laugh at himself. Here he takes on 2011. YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY by Slavoj Zizek